Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I like you a latte

I managed to make a card last night, the stamps are from a stamp set by TPC studio, I've had it for a while but used it for the first time....I do like how this card turned out but on hind site I could've have added glossy accents to the cup to give it some dimension.
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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Craft Space

I don't have anything crafty to share today....we had moved to our new home in October last year, in our older home I had very little space to craft and store my supplies which meant that mostly I was crafting on the floor and spent a long time in gathering supplies and putting them away once I was done. In our new place I've got a much bigger craft is not a room but at the landing of the stairs on the first the photo below you can see what is looks like from the stairs. The pink cabinet in the right corner is a wall mountable shoe rack which I use to store my patterned papers, the settee in front of has storage space in which I store my rolls of handmade paper. 
Here's another view of the room, the almirah on the right was once a book rack but now it houses craft supplies in an assortment of shoe boxes :P
This is what my craft table looks like....well it is almost never so neat, I tidied it up before taking the picture ;)
Here's a closer look at the table
This rack has buttons and a few of my ribbons
Most of my punches go in the table drawers

so does my scorepal and paper trimmer
well that's it, I know its not great cause I am not good at organizing things. I tend to accumulate a lot of clutter and find it difficult to throw away bits of PP and knick knacks so it is hard to keep my work area clean :( but what I love about my new craft space is that it has abundant natural light during the day and since it is not in a room I can hear my daughter playing downstairs while I craft.
Finally something crafty to share, I had bought the cinch book binding tool from Itsy Bitsy last year but never used it cause I didn't have the binding wire, managed to get some now and this is the first project I tried, not too happy with what I did with the cover.....but can't wait to work on more projects.
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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Birthday Mini Album for a girl

I made this bright and happy mini album for my neighbor's daughter, love how it turned out, and I am so happy Sneha loved it too.  Loads of ribbons, tags and stickers....and some post it notes. All the PPs are from Echo Park.

Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

15 minute card

I started out trying to make this card within 10 minutes for the 10 minute craft dash challenge but managed to complete it in 15 minutes :( ... but I am not giving up will give it another shot today, but I did manage to clean up the mess I created in 5 minutes which is a record for me :)
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